Standard Social Media Marketing

£199 exc. VAT

This is about local content and social outreach. Tailored to your business needs. You operate in a niche where people are looking for your specific type or service. We have found a way to deliver quality engaging content to support your business and objectives socially.

  • 20 Social Media Posts P/M
  • Scheduled Mon / Fri
  • 3 Social Media Channels
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As you are aware most decisions on services like yours are being made in an instant, search engines are looking for signals from several sources to elevate local search. One of these is how your brand or business is perceived on social media. The PAL Media social media packages are designed to support your business where you are at now.

Exclusively tailored to your business we will provide content, so you are represented on social media in your catchment area*. You will appreciate we restrict the number of companies we work with in your area like yours and would be more likely to turn them down as we have the whole of the UK to provide these services for. Besides as you will appreciate. Social media has never been about your business, it is about the users, the people who are talking. Our aim as a business is to harness and support conversations.

By placing your business in the heart of the conversation we are able to support you.

Depending on the PAL SMM package you opt for, our team will walk you through the process and enhance your appearance on social media. Making sure your objectives are met. This could be visits to your website or indeed phone calls. We will look at your social profiles and make suggestions as to how they can be enhanced. We will even provide updated artwork to support your brand and make everything more appealing.


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