What this is about

Every year we send our most valued customers a hamper or gifts. This year, due to the pandemic, or pan-damit! as it should be known, we are not going to do that. Instead, we want to reach out to our local community and make a difference to people who may have been extraordinarily affected by this years events. We’ve trawled our local charities, to shortlist charities where we know a contribution from us, will make a difference. Even if it is a smile on a young persons face, or someone having a something to celebrate at this time of year.

Conscious that some charitable efforts can be swallowed up by huge operating costs of some charities and other factors, we have selected likely candidates within the following criteria:

  • The charity must be within a SK postcode
  • It/they must be small enough to care and not have huge operating costs
  • They must be of good standing with the Charity Commission
  • Our donation must have some form of direct impact with the people we want to help
  • Our focal point is on making a difference with people who really need it, or people who are vulnerable due to circumstances beyond their control

We now need your decision – who shall we support?

The Shortlist

Stockport Progress and Recovery Centre – Sparc is a local voluntary organisation providing support to adults and young persons in the Stockport Area who Experience Mental Health Problems http://sparc4me.org.uk/
Ongoing Women’s Local Support – Owls provide practical and emotional support to women that have or are going through Domestic Abuse. https://owlsgroup.myfreesites.net/

Transport for Sick Children – volunteer drivers donate their time and provide lifts for children, accompanied by their carers, to hospital and other medical appointments.   The volunteer will then wait or return once the appointment or treatment is completed, and take the child and their carers back home. http://transportforsickchildren.org/

Helping the Homeless into Housing – H3 is a homelessness support charity that works with homelessness in temporary accommodation, in poor health or at high risk of homelessness. https://www.h-3.org.uk/

Pure Insight – Pure Insight are a local charity who support young people who are leaving care. They help stabilise, prevent crisis and help individuals progress. https://www.pure-insight.org.uk/

Stockport Without Abuse – offers a range of services to help and support women, men and children who are affected by domestic abuse. http://www.stockportwithoutabuse.org.uk/

Which Charity would you like us to support?