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You will need to provide adequate hand sanitisation for your workplace visitors. If you have been to hospital in the past decade you will have already seen the hand sanitiser units strategically placed at the entrances to wards and to general hospital premises. You will need to provide similar in the workplace to safeguard your staff and customers.

Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser Dispensing Unit

This essential wall mounted hand sanitiser unit is perfect for a variety of locations where occasional hand sanitiser is needed. This could be at the entrance and exit to toilets and corridors where there is a requirement for occasional hand sanitiser use. Product Code: WMU400

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Portable Free Standing Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Dispensing Unit

This portable free standing Hand Sanitising Unit can have up to 4 dispensers (2 on each side). The unit is designed to be deployed in any area in your work place where you have footfall from either staff and or customers.

Design. The unit can have your company logo and or branding added to fit in with existing point of sale schema. Multiple units can be deployed around your premises to ensure that people have every opportunity to access hand sanitiser.

Applications: Back office areas, commercial kitchens, staff rooms, entrances into warehouses, factories, distribution centres, etc Product Code: FSM90

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Free Standing Hand & Trolley Handle Sanitising Station

Perfect for retail environments, or where there is hands on operation of equipment – say for example in a warehouse, yard or when a vehicle gets handed over before or after shift.

Description: Station comes with one gel dispenser, cage for spray bottle, shelf for accessories, (optional blue roll holder on rear). Product Code: FSS500

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Portable, Free Standing Hand Sanitising Unit up to 10

With up to 10 hand sanitiser dispensers (5 on each side) this portable, free standing hand sanitiser unit is perfect for areas with high footfall. Deployable individually or in a chain to enable maximum user access to hand sanitiser.

Applications: Construction sites, Hospitals & Health Care, Distribution Centres & Warehouses, Education Establishments, Venue entrances, Festivals & Sports Events Product Code: FSM250

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Free Standing Single Dispenser Hand Sanitising Unit

Having flexibility where you site your hand sanitiser is ideal if space is a premium and you do not have the ability to wall mount a hand sanitising unit. This single free standing hand sanitising dispenser is ideal for you to put the unit where is needed most.

Applications: Office receptions, Shop entrances, Banking halls, Coffee Shops, Pubs & Restaurants, Cinemas, Showrooms, Venue entrances, etc Product Code FSM45

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PAL Hand Gel Range

PAL Hand Gel/Rub are alcohol-based products developed for hand disinfection. PAL Hand Gel/Rub has been specially formulated to provide a powerful, fast drying hand hygiene sanitiser for the catering, food handling and packaging trades, without the problems of dry skin often associated with products of this type and where frequent hand cleansing is a necessity. PAL Hand Gel/Rub hand hygiene sanitiser is also ideal for use in Hospitals, Dentistry, Clinics, First Aid Stations, the Ambulance Service, Vets and Kennels where workers may come into contact with germs and where cross infections must be prevented. In industry, those involved in handling soiled materials, construction, plumbers, sewage treatment, farmers etc, cam also use Solo before meals and at the end of the day to ensure germs cannot be spread. Get the PDF FACT SHEET

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